TMJ Specialist (click)

Being a TMJ Specialist, my ultimate goal of occlusal or bite therapy is to deliver a balanced bite (click) to the patient.

The therapy may be only include an equilibration (see below). If the problem is more complex it may require crowns, bridges or less commonly surgery to the jaw bone or jaw joint (TMJ).

A Comprehensive Occlusal Equilibration or "bite adjustment" balances the contacts of the teeth to ensure  the bite or occlusion is in harmony with the jaw muscles and the jaw joint or TMJ. In my TMJ Specialty practice, comprehensive occlusal equilibration may be done alone, or, if the case requires,  in conjunction with other therapy such as crowns, bridges, veneers and orthodontics (braces).   

The following video demonstrates the start of a Comprehensive Occlusal Equilibration. Notice that once the lower jaw moves into properly position in the jaw joint or TMJ, the adjustment process begins.